Ducati Build for 2011 Season
Written by Cowboy6 Saturday, 05 February 2011 00:00
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So, here is the humble beginning of my 2011 season.....

Actually, this was taken in 2010 but....

Now with some progress...

Making more progress.

Ohlins goodness!

Strong but tasty Woodcraft clutch cover.

Custom GMD Computrac Triple clamps to fit the Ohlins. Starlane GPS is awesome!

Fitting the bodywork.

The body is back from EmpireGP.com !

The new CSBA Racing colors ROCK! The photos really do not do the paint justice.

Adding some vinyl.

Here is the bike complete and at the track.

In action at VIR:

And after it's first WIN!

The Lord has surely provided. We still have a few bugs to work out but the bike won two races in 2011.

The great news is that photos have been generating a lot of secular interest! Everyone wants to know how to fit the 1098 body to the 1000SS! Of course, when I answer, they always get more than they asked for!

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