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October 25, 2007
Written by Webmaster Thursday, 25 October 2007 00:00
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What a season. My last race weekend at Louden,NH was bittersweet. I managed to score my highest finish and trash the bike all in one weekend.

I arrived Friday afternoon without my daughter/pit crew. She had a 104 deg fever Thursday night so she stayed home. I managed to take advantage of the Friday practice to learn the new (for me) track. The crew I was pitting with did not seem to happy to have a Christian in their midst but they were friendly enough.
I did meet two great guys who ride the same bike as I do. Both had spent time in the Israeli Army so we had more than two stroke Aprilias in common. Their advice and mechanical assistance were crucial to the racing portion of my weekend.
I crashe during a wet practice and tore the bike up pretty good. The result was my running my races sans bodywork and with some squished pipes. I did manage a second place finish in my last race though!!

The best part of all was that I received permission from the LRRS head man in charge to provide a chapel service on Sunday. He said they had not had such a service in years. When Sunday arrived, 3 people joined me for the service. It was a start.
One of the attendees said that he had thought about doing a service at Louden but had not yet. I told him to go for it and offered all the encouragement that I could.

I sure wish that Art Lohman could have been with me. I had a fairly intense discussion on Saturday evening. I did my best to answer the questions leveled at me but some help would have been awesome.



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September 17, 2007
Written by Webmaster Monday, 17 September 2007 00:00
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8,9 SEP 2007

What a weekend. Running in 6th, I ran off in turn ten of the LW Formula 40 race which allowed 3 bikes to go by. By the time I was able to catch up again, we were treated to a red flag due to a crash.
In the Ultra Light SB race, I just could not find the speed to keep up. The bike was having part throttle problems all weekend and an ignition box change moved my 2 stroke powerband up to around 10,000 RPM instead of 9,000. This really hurt me in turn one as I could not keep in the power to drive out.
I did manage to run consistant 1:30 lap times but that did little good as the other guys were running consistant 1:27s !!
I need more guts.
I was very pleased with my switch to Dunlop though. The front tire stuck very well and never made me nervous. The rear was like glue. This goes back to the guts issue. I need to wind up some more corner speed. Unless the tires are sliding, I am not going fast enough!

I have been working on some adjustments in the mean time and hope to have it all worked out for my last race(New Hampshire Intl Speedway) on 8-9 OCT.

There were a few riders hurt during the weekend. Everyone seems to be doing OK. Bob Brown of was rammed going into turn 4 and it resulted in a mangled bike and a broken arm. He has since gone through his reconstruction surgery and is recovering well.

Chapel service was excellent as usual. Art Lohman did a great job of applying the Gospel in a way racers can understand. He is truely a blessing. The Lord is awesome for putting him in our lives.



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August 28, 2007
Written by Webmaster Tuesday, 28 August 2007 00:00
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Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit

What a weekend this was. I had my first crash on the Aprilia during practice on Saturday. A little too much lean angle on an off camber turn = lowside. I got off easy, no real damage to the bike. Just a bent clip-on and a few scratches in the paint and a tear in my leathers. Managed a 3rd place finish bent clip-on and all. That night, WOW what a storm! We had massive wind gusts as well as hail, thunder, lightning and TONS of rain. We found that our pit was in the direct run-off flow path! I was trying to hold down the CSB Racing canopy when a bolt of lightning struck and jolted me through my arm as I was standing in 3 inches of water.

On Sunday, one of the riders crashed in turn one during practice and had to be flown to the hospital. He is doing better and recovering from broken bones in his neck.

During my Sunday race (Lightweight Supersport) my shift lever broke where the rod connects on the second lap. I was done. In defiance of having my only Sunday race ruined by a mechanical failure, I entered the big unlimited race. There, after whizzing by many a racer in turn one, I found myself blazing through two only to come upon a virtual parking lot! I had to grab a fist-full of brake to avoid hitting my buddy Russel Brown. This, of course, caused the front tire to wash out and ta-da.. Low-side number two for the weekend. This one was a little worse than the first and netted the following damage:
1. Broken brake lever.
2. Broken right side rearset and rear master cylinder plunger.
3. Much more body damage including cracking the tail.
4. Total destruction of the right side clip-on.
5. Two massive dents in the front cylinder expansion chamber.
6. Chipped helmet.
7. Torn leathers.
8. Hole worn in brand new gloves.

Repairs have commenced. Bob Brown of is repairing the pipe but will have to wait on the body until after the race in two weeks. I have replaced the clip-on and removed and cleaned the rest of the damaged parts. Just waiting on the Lord to show me where the money for the new rearset is going to come from.



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July 21, 2007
Written by Webmaster Saturday, 21 July 2007 00:00
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Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit

Another safe race weekend for our team. I managed to keep the rubber side down and pull off two 3rd place finishes in spite of having to come to a complete stop in both races!
I rained really hard Saturday night and we were quite worried about the track. But after a few practice sessions the lines dried up and it was business as usual including a new track record in the 1:30 range by one of the really fast riders.



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