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February 22, 2008
Written by Webmaster Friday, 22 February 2008 00:00
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Then "new" engine is installed. I found a Battle shifter on ebay and it has arrived also! That should shave some time. During the engine install I found that the bike's engine cradle was cracked. I asked Bob Brown of to see about getting it welded. I am hoping to pick that part up tomorrow as it is holding up the works on getting the bike done.

The repaired and repainted bodywork has arrived. The original parts were damaged a good bit and are being a real pain to re-install. But, they are easy compared to the new (used) Sharkskinz bodywork that I purchased. Man, it is going to be a job getting those to bolt up and stay put.

Cecilia is impressing me to no end with her dedication to the team. She is really working hard and with much enthusiasm. It is going to be a great year!!

My partner Art Lohman was able to test out his new GSXR last weekend at Jennings raceway. He seems to like it just fine! Now, if we can just get him to keep the rubber side down........



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January 28, 2008
Written by Webmaster Monday, 28 January 2008 00:00
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Well, have secured a "new" used engine. It was cheaper than rebuilding the one that broke. I will rebuild that one when more funds and time are available. The engine is in the bike as are the rebuilt forks and Penske shock.
Still need to get a new set of front brake lines to make the Brembo radial master cylinder work out. That will have to wait for the next payday though!

Slowly but surely the bike is coming together.

I am currently trying to get a field trip together for my church's youth group. My plan is for them to be able to go to the track and see what we do there as well as enjoy some great racing. We are also hoping to have the Echo Team (HSM band) perform a mini concert on the Saturday night of that same trip.



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January 2, 2008
Written by Webmaster Tuesday, 22 January 2008 00:00
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Happy New Year!


I found that my engine was toast! Yuck, more expense than I thought. I found a decent used one in New Hampshire for less then it would cost me to rebuild the one I have so..... Bob helped me out with a convenient pickup so no freight was involved. I spent the last few days going over my "new" engine. I thought I may have had to do new pistons but it looks to be just redone! God is taking care of me again!
The forks are complete and on the way back from California as are my new front rotors from BrakeTech.

Things are looking good for 2008. The new schedule is out and only 3 events conflict with my military duties. Barber, a double event, will be missed for sure. One weekend has already been approved so I am down to two.

I have also been contemplating helping Faye Coker out at some Nelson Ledges events. We shall see.



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December 5, 2007
Written by Webmaster Wednesday, 05 December 2007 00:00
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Wow, here it is December already. The bike is in a hundred pieces in the trailer/workshop. Forks are out ready to be shipped any day now to California for a complete Ohlins inspired rebuild by the pros at Kyle Racing Engines. My new Penske shock is sitting on the floor awaiting the arrival of the titanium mounting hardware. has both sets of bodywork ready for primer and paint....

I had the honor of accompanying Art to a men's breakfast in Deleware last weekend. What a great experience. I was able to give a test run on a small object lesson speach. All worked out great and the men there were very happy with Art's message and our presentation as a whole.

Stay tuned, more to come..........................



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