Team Chaplain
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Racing Class:
Racing #:
Joe Cotterino
Wife: Denise, Daughter: Cecilia
Dalton, Pennsylvania
LWSBK / GTL / ULSBK / ASRA Pro Thunderbike
Romans 12:2 (122)
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Joe's Journey

After 37 years of not accepting the Lord, He finally made me hear. I can only marvel at His ways when I look back on my life and see the how He moved my life. The chance meeting of my wonderful wife on a school bus I rarely rode, so that she would eventually be the key to my salvation was just one of those ways. It only took her nine years of hope, prodding and prayer to finally get through! Now that I am living my life with Christ, I see His hand in so many things. As I grow in my walk, I see more and more all that the Lord has blessed me with. It amazes me to think that not long ago, I was dead in my sin. Who could have ever imagined that in such a short time period, I would be sitting here involved with a ministry and racing motorcycles as a member of CSB Racing.

I know I belong here. The Lord has made it plain as day. Everything fell into place per His design. I am so eager to do the Lord's work and share His message. I am proof that there is hope for everyone. If someone as stubborn and set in my ways can realize that I need God in my life, anyone can.

As far as the track is concerned: "The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27:1

If you see me at the track. Please introduce yourself. If you already have the Lord in your heart, it is always great to meet a Brother. If not, I would love to talk to you and try to help you find the answers you seek for your life.


Fuel System:
Top Speed:
'00 SV650 V-twin / '01 SV650 V-twin
A= 694cc / B= 645cc
6 speed; GP shift
41mm FCR race carbs
A= 92 / B= 80
A= 155 mph / B= 145 mph : Paint and body
EBC Brakes : Brake pads and rotors
Woodcraft-CFM: Clip-ons, frame sliders, rearsets, case covers, tire warmers
Mize Motors : Bridgestone tires
Baxley : Sportbike Chocks
Pit Bull : Race stands and sprockets
Zero Gravity : Windscreens
Sharkskinz : Race bodies

Riding Experience

  • Riding in the dirt for 32 years.
  • Riding on the street for 27 years.
  • Riding on the track for 6 years.

Professional Experience

  • 12 years Air Force
  • **Avionics Technician (B52 Bomber)
  • **Avionics Technician (A-10 Warthog)
  • **Heavy Equipment Operator
  • 15 years Army (and counting)
  • **Armor Officer (M1A1 Main Battle Tank)
  • **1 year tour in Iraq(2004-2005).

**Assistant S3, Training Officer

Joe's Journal

Written on 20 February 2009, 00.00 by webmaster
february-20-2009Ministry:I have been asked to speak at a school assembly. I am very eager to execute this mission. We have also started the ball rolling on a Knee Draggin' Clinic in the Allentown area. This will be a great opportunity for outreach. I am a definite...
Written on 09 February 2009, 00.00 by webmaster
february-9-2009Ministry: The winter has been a bit hard on the ministry side. With weather and schedules going crazy, in addition to the fact that both sets of my bodywork are at the paint shop awaiting white plate application..... We do however have some good stuff...

Racing History


• Mid-Atlantic Series
  • 2nd Ultralight Superbike
  • 2nd LW F40
  • 2nd Thunderbike
• Summit Point Track Championships
  • Champion: Ultralight Superbike
  • 3rd LW F40
  • 2ndThunderbike
  • (8) 1st place finishes
  • (3) 2nd place finishes
  • (2) 3rd place finishes


• Atlantic Series
  • Champion: Ultralight Superbike
  • Champion: LW Superbike
  • Champion: GTL
• NJMP Track Championships
  • Champion: Ultralight SBK
  • Champion: LW SBK
  • 2nd GTL
• Mid-Atlantic Series
  • Champion: Ultralight Superbike
  • 3rd LW Superbike
  • 3rd GTL
• Summit Point Track Championships
  • 2nd Ultralight Superbike
  • 4th LW Superbike
  • 4th GTL
• Southeast Series
  • 3rd Ultralight Superbike
  • 3rd LW Superbike
  • 5th GTL
• Overall Series Standings (Combined)
  • Atlantic:::::::: 10th out of 247 (#10 plate awarded)
  • Mid-Atlantic: 8th out of 266 (#8 plate awarded)
  • Southeast::: 17th out of 186


  • 3rd Mid Atlantic LW Superbike
  • 2nd Mid Atlantic LW GP
  • 2nd Mid Atlantic LW F40
  • (3) 1st place finishes
  • (10) 2nd place finishes
  • (6) 3rd place finishes


  • Summit Point Track Champion
  • 3rd Mid Atlantic LW40
  • 3rd Mid Atlantic UL Superbike
  • (5) 1st place finishes
  • (2) 2nd place finishes
  • (3) 3rd place finishes


  • (1) 2nd place finish
  • (3) 3rd place finishes