Summit Point Last Event for 2008
Written by Cowboy6 Monday, 08 September 2008 00:00
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Well, we have made it out of another one unscathed! The weekend was quite awesome. Bob Brown, John Dodson, Art Lohman and myself were all there ready to do battle against Satan and other racers of course.

Art had an awesome weekend of which I am sure he will chime in about. I just want to start it off with how proud I am of him for sticking in there. He has been trying to overcome some issues all year and this weekend he finally made some good progress. He managed to take a nice size chunk out of his lap times and stay on two wheels in the process. We all plateau sometimes and it is really tough to break through. This weekend, Art did just that.

Congrats to John as well for his first podium! He pulled off third in LW40! Having some real race tires makes a difference eh John? Great job Brother.

Bob himself, found some speed as well. He did his personal best this weekend and also managed to avoid all flying motorcycles headed his way emerging from the weekend without a bruise or a scratch.

John's family joined us on Saturday and brought a young man named Arilius(AKA Prirelli AKA Maximus Arilius(Max). He seemed to have a great time and with some tutoring from Chaplain Lohman, he learned how to start a GSXR600! Tom Segar and his lovely family were in attendace as well for the second time in a row. Tom's son was working on some video for us and we are hoping to trick him, I mean have him work up a team video for us. 8)

We had 5 additional visitors from my church, Heritage Baptist in Clarks Summit,PA. Reports are that they had a great time as well. They made a few new friends, saw how we operate and, I hope, were able to see the need for us to be there.

John's daughters Emily and Katie are destined for mechanics school. There they were again this weekend, grease under nails, smudges on noses, helping me get the bikes in top shape for battle. Not only do we have the prettiest bikes in the pit lane (thanks to but we have the cutest, Godliest pit crew as well. We are so unworthy. My daughter, Cecilia, kept our pit running in top form as usual. She is pretty awesome.

I almost felt like a celebrity this weekend. I had a back-to-back race again. This time instead of carrying the weight of the extra gallon or so of fuel during the first race, I decided to execute a hot pit re-fuel. We set everything up ahead of time and when I came in after the first race, I was amazed! There stood 5-6 helpers! It was like an Isle of Mann TT pit stop! Tools at the ready, fire extinguisher in plain sight, in goes the fuel, ice cold water bottle in my hand, cap back on, pull down on the chin bar to expose my mouth, toss in some water, oh no! the other race field is headed out for the warm-up lap, gotta go!, hand off the water, push the helmet back up, check the gas cap again, visor down, ignition, goooooooooooo!!

Wow, I was getting pumped up just typing that! Anyway, it was truly awesome and a blessing having everyone there. We had plenty of good food and fellowship. We had the best coverage around the paddock that we have ever had because of all the people.

I have no doubt that every racer there knew that CSBRacing was "In the house!"

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