What a Weekend!
Written by Cowboy6 Wednesday, 29 April 2009 00:00
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As some of you may know, the race bike broke a crankshaft at VIR last fall. I replaced it with my new superbike engine and she ran great except it was losing water. I could not find the problem and thought it may have been a minor leak due to the heads not being re-torqued after break in. Oh well, not the case. I found blown out freeze plug in the horizontal head. That was leaking water into the crankcase. I fixed everything and started the engine but it had a severe knock. The rod bearings must have been wiped out by the water. So, in comes yet another engine.Since there was so much wrong, I pretty much started over from a bare (freshly powder-coated black) frame.
Here are the photos... I started the project a little bit ago working a little for a night or two during the week. But, this was the last weekend that I will be able to work on the bike prior to Summit in May. I made huge progress at the expense of my back!!

What a mess.

Newly lightened (read stripped!) wiring harness installed.

Grrrrr. I am all out of chains! Have to get some on order Monday!

Beauty and "The Beast"

And "The Beast" is looks gooooood!

The next set of race tires goes on the fresh black powdered wheels with new EBC square drive rotors.

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