Summit Point Finale
Written by Cowboy6 Thursday, 24 September 2009 00:00
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Summit Point Finale

AUG 28-30 2009 Summit Point Raceway, WV

It was our last trip to Summit Point for the year. With the borrowed, stock engine firmly bolted into my little SV’s frame, and a great sermon idea in my little brain, we headed out to make it all happen.

We arrived at the gate around 1:30 only to find out that no one was allowed in until 6:00 PM. So, I double checked with Maria Orsini at the Summit Point office to be sure that the gate list was good for the youth group that was arriving. It was so we headed for the gate for the wait. After a few hours, Bob and Linda Brown arrived as did the Evrys. We invited all into our motor home to take advantage of the AC as it was quite humid and hot. It was shaping up to be a great weekend if we could share God’s blessing before we even made it in the facility!

Friday practice brought a surprise fall on my part in T6. The track had some sort of grainy substance on it so even though I was going at a minimal pace just to become re-acquainted with the track, down I went. The damage to the bike was limited to a ruined rear brake pedal and a bent up rearset bracket. The Woodcraft frame sliders did their job again. Those things have saved ten times their cost in bodywork this year. Get a set if you don’t have them on your bike!

I spent Friday night repairing my bike from my shunt and then I walked over to Mark Evry’s pit to grab his SV. He was having problems with his bike and I was convinced it was in his carburetors. To test my theory, we had decided to install a set of my FCR 41 race carbs and see how his bike ran.

After riding like a pansy all day Friday due to my lack of confidence in the track, bike, tires etc; I rolled into Saturday morning convinced to ditch my apprehension and go for it. Well, it didn’t work out as planned and even with new tires I ran a fastest lap of only a 1:23.5 in my only race that day. I had run a 1:22.0 on a stock engine before so I knew I could do better even with the mess they made with the attempted repair of T1. That left me with a 5th place finish. But, I was able to represent an awesome company, and team sponsor, at the riders meeting during lunch! Mr. Baxley of Baxley Trailer Co. fame, had donated two of his awesome Sportbike Chock’s to CCS for use on one of their crash recovery trailers. This was a double blessing as it would save a lot of time loading bikes on the track and, the superior retention system would eliminate the need for the high mounted straps that sometimes damage expensive bodywork! I was thrilled to be able to present these for Mr. Baxley.

Sunday came and I was set for a very big day. This was a team challenge weekend and I had better get on my game. I didn’t want to let down my team mate Craig Woratyla. I went out for practice and while things felt a little better, I was still only in the 1:24 range. That was it, the last straw. I had to go faster! My first race was before lunch. Out I went to run the Lightweight GP. I lined up on the front row with the 1200cc Buell of Art Diaz to my left, the 1000cc Ducati of Mark Evry to my right, the 1000cc Ducati’s of Joey Thomas and Mark Buroker to my rear. My little, bone stock 650cc SV was surrounded by giants, all of them revving in anticipation of the green flag. The huge, V twin engines thundered with an ominous note. I waved to my daughter, Cecilia, who was working in the timing tower. After seeing her wave back, I focused all my attention on the little female arm holding the green flag. Up went the “1” board, then it went sideways. The flag moved and I was off. A little too much clutch found my front wheel two feet in the air! No matter, as it started to come back to earth, I grabbed second gear and pinned the throttle. I was well clear of everyone. It was to no avail though, as halfway to T1, four of these huge, galloping machines overtook me. I waited as long as I could before braking into T1 and I saw Mark Evry to my right trying to sneak in. I released the brake lever a bit trail braking as I turned in and held him off. I knew I had to move out with a purpose or he would be on me in no time. I did just that. I only caught one of the 4 bikes ahead of me but Mark never caught me. As I crossed the finish line in 4th, I looked back to find myself alone. The really good news came when the lap times were posted. I had run a fast race lap of 1:21.4! While is was not the 1:19 I have run on my good engine, that was over a half second better than my previous best on a stock SV!! It explained why I didn’t see Mark at the finish. I also had not crashed in the process! I quickly thanked God for that.

Now it was time for the chapel service I had been preparing for all week. I arrived at the Apple Chapel to find an awesome little set-up at the hands of my wife. She had a little table with Bibles, gospels and cards all set up quite neatly. There were not so many people there so I asked Cecilia to use her “influence” (and radio) to request an announcement. It must have worked because people started to arrive in larger numbers within minutes.
I started out my message by describing some of the relevant events at Barber. This weekend’s message was about how we feel or should feel when we let God down. It is funny how we can be more concerned about letting a person down than letting Him down. While we can not always be sure our friend will forgive us, it can be way too easy to take God’s forgiveness for granted. My sermon ended with an invitation to talk to me about salvation after the service or in the pits. It seems that I did a good job as there were many nods of affirmation throughout the service and a few “good job” comments afterward.

We are scheduled to attend the last track event for this year at VIR on 20-21 SEP. I will still be on the borrowed, stock engine but I know it will run! Stay tuned as we work on more off-track events. Keep us in your prayers, as we are looking forward to continuing our mission and letting the light of our savior Jesus Christ, shine through us for all to see.

……………..Joe ”Cowboy 6” Cotterino

As usual, the bonus photos not found anywhere else!

Celie and Katie working the front.

The mantis!

Around 8 people crammed into a Jeep to go to the go-kart track....

Three awesome "Pit Chicks" that know more about motorcycles than most boys...

John's youngest daughter, Natalie. She is a pit chick in training. She likes to get a feel for the track. I know some people "park it" in T6 but....

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