Round 4 Summit Point, WV
Written by Cowboy6 Wednesday, 23 June 2010 00:00
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Summit Point, First of Three

MAY 28-30 2010Summit Point Raceway, Summit Point, WV

Summit Point has long been my favorite track. I have turned more laps here than any other track so it is the perfect track for testing changes to the bikes. But, as with all things, it has changed…..

Having been on vacation and attending the CSBA Spring Rally in Seneca Rocks, WV, we had the shortest trip to Summit ever. We arrived on Thursday so that we could get set up without stress and be ready to help with the MARRC road race school Friday.

Friday was a good day. Russell Brown’s R6 was in need of some suspension tuning and I was in need of a bike for the school so, we killed two birds with one bike. Unfortunately, it didn’t start but with some quick work from Bob Brown, she fired up and I was ready. Working the school was great. I was able to help a rider or two improve and I had Russell’s bike dialed in by the end of the day. The track itself was quite miserable as some sort of white sandy substance was all over the corners making them react as if it was a wet track. Things were pretty hairy out there until a line was cleared about mid-day. That afternoon, we were able to really put the new Pit Bull wheel tree to good use. We needed two sets of tires mounted at once and the tree did the job of carrying them to Quentin at Mize Mobile for four new Bridgestone slicks. The pit crew was thrilled by not having to carry them over by hand. We were also able to finally complete the repairs to our canopy. John had brought the parts I had ordered and shipped to his house while we were in WV. Thanks to John and Heather for making sure they arrived!

Saturday morning rolled in and we were in race mode. Denise and Heather were busy making breakfast for everyone and the crew made haste to get the bikes ready. Practice brought a little more of the same slippery stuff but it got better as the bikes cleared the junk off the track. My first race was GT Light. I was still not too confident of the track surface and my lap times were nowhere near what I was capable of running. I did have a good dice with Mark Evry and ended up finishing 5th but again, the first bike under 1000cc.

An unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday though. A good buddy of ours, Keith Shearon, had a little mishap on the track. This resulted in an injured ankle and shoulder. His SV looked pretty good considering and our team got him all loaded up and ready to go home when the weekend was over. We also fashioned him a sling, and iced down his damaged parts. While accidents are never a good thing, being able to show someone you care about them by taking care of them afterward is always a silver lining.

John was having the same issues I was. He ran the Formula 40 with Bob Brown and despite the nasty track conditions; he kept his bike on two wheels.

Saturday evening brought us some good “walk around” time. We were able to go and visit many of the pits. This is good time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Summit point always has more of a family atmosphere than any of the other tracks we attend. We get to do some quality dog pettin’ too!

Sunday started with a single practice session then we had chapel service. Ray Rizzo delivered the sermon to quite a large crowd. That is another good thing about Summit Point. We always have good attendance at chapel. At the end, Ray asked me to have a moment of silence for our veterans and close in prayer. That completed we moved back to the pits, arriving just in time for first call. I was then summoned to the tower to do the invocation and have a track-wide moment of silence in honor of Memorial Day as well. I was happy to do so. I wanted to remind everyone not only of the sacrifices made by our soldiers but also the sacrifices made by their families. I reminded all of families that move on without husbands, children that grow up without fathers and parents whose children die before they do. That pain never goes away. I have served as the Casualty Assistance Officer for the family of a soldier killed in combat on three different occasions. I can tell you that dealing with the family that just prematurely lost a loved one is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Hugging a young woman who just lost her fiancé, a young boy who just lost his dad, or a one year old who will never know her father is enough to tear your heart out. We need to honor these men and their families. We need to ensure they do not give it all in vain. They have paid the ultimate price for our country and their families are still paying.

My first race Sunday was Ultralight Superbike. John was entered in the same race. I did a little better in this one by finishing 3rd. This race was not without drama though. Summit had “repaired” a bunch of turns. One that really didn’t need it was T9. I am usually very fast through this turn. In fact, I use it as a preferred place to pass or at least catch up if I am behind. During the ULWSBK race, I found a nice little something that my bike slammed into unannounced that threw me out of the seat and had the steering damper working overtime to stop the tank slapper. I had never experienced anything like this in T9 before. Since I did not see what it was that I hit, I was nervous through that corner for the rest of the day. My strength had now become my weakness. I will need to walk the track the next time we go there so I can see where the malfunction came from. John did a great job this time out and finished 5th. Great job!

My last race for Sunday was the last race of the weekend, Lightweight Superbike. It was not a great race for me again as my lap times were quite miserable. Turn 9 came into play again as Mark and I were going back and forth. On the last lap, I was dive bombed by a rider who really wanted the 4th place I was currently holding. I was already leaned over and committed to the turn and halfway through, here he came. I had to stand up the bike and brake to avoid hitting him and/or getting forced off the track as he barely stayed on the asphalt himself. My braking allowed Mark to get by as well. I was now going through T10 in 6th watching some silly weaving antics by the crazy guy trying to keep Mark from getting by before the finish line


CSBR's "Angels"

We will be at Summit Point Raceway two more times this year. Hopefully, they will go better than the first!
Because I was a bit tardy with this write-up, we have already attended our next event at New Hampshire International Speedway (NHIS) in Loudon, NH. That write-up will follow shortly.

Please keep us in your prayers!

::::::::::::::: Joe “Cowboy 6” Cotterino

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